We perform maintenance in line with the maintenance strategy of our clients. Our maintenance work focuses on the integrated care of buildings in which we focus not only on the technical condition of buildings but also on creating value.


We perform preventive maintenance that meets the needs of the customer. For example, we can carry out periodic inspections in consultation with the customer or more often if desired. If the customer wants more certainty, it is advisable to conclude a result-oriented maintenance contract. That means that we map out exactly what the correct frequency for maintenance is based on the wishes.

When performing preventive maintenance, we strive for maximum results because we not only use legislation as a starting point, but also pay attention to customer wishes, customer experiences, and quality requirements. As an expert in the construction sector, we can guarantee that the objects to be maintained meet the statutory maintenance obligations. We also inform the customer of the state of maintenance through the periodic report. With preventive maintenance we focus on the following activities, among others:

Renovation and complaint maintenance of water, gas and drain pipes;
Performing roof repairs (zinc and bitumen);
Perform preventive roof maintenance;
Project-based renewal of zinc gutters;
All common sewage works;
Service and maintenance of central heating installations (on a contract basis);
Delivery and installation of new central heating systems;
Functional adjustments to various E&W installations;
Adaptation of drinking water installations in connection with legionella prevention



With the breakdown service we can resolve incidents as quickly as possible, such as broken air conditioners, broken CVs, clogged pipes. Our breakdown service is (available 24 hours a day). Because of our short running times, we guarantee that the customer will not stop his work for longer than necessary or be in an unsafe situation. We provide fast and expert repairs in the event of malfunctions, we replace parts and repair damage to buildings. Our service technicians only leave the scene of the incident once the problem has been remedied. If the malfunction cannot be remedied immediately, we will take temporary measures so that the malfunction is definitively remedied at a later date.

With maintenance contracts, malfunctions can be reported to us 24/7 via our Maintenance Management System (OMS) or by telephone. Our service desk ensures follow-up of the reports. Our planner processes the malfunction in the planning of one of our engineers. A quick and professional repair follows. After processing the reports, we will provide an administrative settlement within (48 hours) with advice to prevent similar incidents.


At the request of property owners and residents, we carry out various repairs. You can contact us for, among other things, one of the following specialists:

All-round Handymen;
Facade maintenance;
Green maintenance;