We are an exclusive real estate development company with a great passion for the development of iconic real estate. Founded by two real estate enthusiasts, we specialize in the development of challenging residential projects and unique offices. We have forged strategic partnerships with investors, architects, contractors. We have a sharp eye for detail, understand all facets from initiative to commissioning. We believe that a project is only successful when both the owner, the users and the makers are inspired!


Never before in history have so many people lived in urban areas. Worldwide more than half of the population now lives in urban areas, but it doesn't stop there. The new reality is a world in which small areas are used intensively for living, working and recreation. How do you ensure that our environment remains healthy? How do you use natural resources as efficiently as possible? And how do you make smart use of new technologies? Novum Enterprise searches daily for the answers to these questions. We are convinced that buildings are more than a combination of materials. We see buildings as environments in which we live, come together, collaborate, where we are inspired, bring out the best in ourselves and, above all, environments in which we create. That is why Novum Enterprise places the highest demands on these places.


We strive to develop timeless, smart and cool buildings that respond to the demands of the ever-changing real estate market in the Netherlands. We work with reliable partners, leading architects, designers and builders to ensure that every development is distinctive and successful.


Novum Enterprise is proud of its ability to identify emerging neighborhoods and recognize development opportunities before the rest of the market hits. The company tries to stay ahead of the market trends and is constantly looking for innovation. Novum Enterprise maintains a unique practical approach to real estate development, resulting in remarkably refined buildings that continue to outperform the competition.